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What is Scrip?

  • A real and negotiable gift certificate from participating merchants – each merchant provides its own gift certificate exactly like the ones already sold in their stores.
  • Use just like cash to pay for your everyday purchases. There is no difference between scrip and cash when you go shopping – you just have a special certificate for that store.
  • SFA School families are required to generate $350 of scrip profit annually in addition to tuition.
  • You are not spending one cent more than what you normally would and you are not purchasing anything that you do not want or need!

How do I use the scrip gift certificates?

  • Scrip gift certificates make great gifts!
  • Use scrip to purchase groceries and gasoline and to pay for prescriptions and optical services.
  • Use participating department store charge cards to charge your purchases – use scrip to pay your bill when it arrives.

How do I purchase scrip?

  • Scrip is sold after Mass at our three worship sites (Grand, Marshall & Waldo) and also in the parish office on Mondays (8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.), Wednesdays (12:30 to 4:30 p.m.) and Fridays (8:30 a.m. to 12 noon).
  • School Families - Daily Scrip Envelope: Use a daily order form for orders sent to school with your child to be received the same day.
  • School Families - Weekly Scrip Envelope: Use a weekly order form for larger dollar amount orders and businesses not on the daily order form: Order Monday by 9:30 a.m. to be received on Friday.

How is income earned from the scrip program?

  • Income is generated by people using gift certificates rather than cash to purchase everyday items.
  • The gift certificates are purchased at a discount from the participating merchants and sold to you at face value. The discount becomes an ongoing source of income for our parish and school.
  • If a school family generates more than $350 from the purchase of scrip in one school year, 50% of profit generated over $350 becomes a tuition credit (rebate) for the following school year.
  • Approximately $7,000 of annual scrip purchases adds up to the $350 scrip requirement per family. Remember, scrip profit is a percentage of each scrip certificate you purchase ranging from 1% to 25%.

Example: A purchase of $100.00 in Copps scrip at 4% generates $4.00 of profit.


Why do businesses participate?

  • Businesses have the money “up-front” to invest – no need to depend on shopping trends.
  • There are no bad debts.
  • If you use a charge card instead of scrip, 4% of the purchase goes to the charge card company instead of remaining with the local business.
  • Creates potential new customers and increases current customers purchases – it is a great marketing tool.
  • Reduces advertising costs and increases positive public relations.
  • The discount given to our schools can also be used as a corporate tax donation.